2018 Summer Classes

Location: Killarney Community League in Edmonton, 8720-130A Avenue NW, outdoors on grass in an enclosed hockey rink. Classes will take place in any weather, except for thunderstorms.

Classes will be held on Wednesday evenings: 8 weeks for $210
(Starting July 4 - ending August 29, 2018 - no August 15 class)

Agility Foundations starts at 6:00 pm (set-up) - 7:15 pm
Jumps, tunnels and contact equipment are introduced in a fun and safe manner using positive reinforcement (=food/toys). Building value for individual obstacles is key so dogs can learn to perform short sequences.
Prerequisite: no previous agility experience required. Dog should be able to work on a loose leash or off leash..

OneMind Dog's Handling & Courses starts at 7:15 - 8:15 pm (followed by take-down) Sequences and courses using techniques from OneMind Dogs Handling Techniques 1. Contacts and weaves will also be used.
Prerequisite: handler must have completed OneMind Dogs Handling Techniques 1 class or seminar

What to bring to class: Flat buckle collar (no 'training' or choke collars), regular leash (no flexi), soft yummy treats, tug toy(optional), throw toy (or food container that can be thrown), water bowl (& water for your dog), pen & paper to take notes.

For more info on Classes, please contact Gisela (www.pawsome-connection.com or phone: 780-499-7099)

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